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The most comprehensive range of cycle puncture repair kits available in the UK. The variety of our kits ensure that we have applications to meet every cyclist's needs.

  • For all tubeless tyres

  • MBUK test winning External Repair kit

  • Durable Internal Repair Kit available

  • Traditional Puncture Repair Kits

  • Rubber patches for bicycle tyres

  • PVC patches suitable for a range of ‘blow up’ products

  • Glueless hassle free puncture repair

  • Self seal patches with triple layer adhesive

  • Make repairs faster than ever

  • Feather edged rubber patches

  • Automotive level quality

  • High quality puncture repair

  • Feather edged rubber patches

  • Comprehensive kits including tools and/or CO2 cylinders

  • Premium puncture repair



Airtite Fat Tyre Repair Kit contains all the necessary tools to repair a 3”+ tubed fat tyre. Kit includes two medium and one large round patch, as well as two oval patches, sand paper, two 5g rubber solution tubes, and a pair of tyre levers.


"Great value, super-quality repair kit."

Weldtite Puncture Repair Kits