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The most comprehensive range of cycle puncture repair kits available􀀍 in the UK. The variety of our kits ensure that we have applications to meet every cyclist's needs.


The range


Repair kits for all tubeless applications and for both internal and external repairs, allowing you to leave the tyre seated on the rim during repair.

These are our traditional puncture repair kits, with either a sheet of rubber patches, or a sheet of PVC patches for various applications.

The name in glueless puncture repair, the Red Devils self seal patches with triple layer adhesive make repairs faster than ever.


The world famous Cure-C-Cure puncture repair kits - automotive quality feather edged patches which are manufactured to comply with current standards BSAU 159

Top quality feather edged patch kits in the widest variety of configurations we offer. No matter if you want tyre levers, tool or a CO2 cartridge to re-inflate the tyre, there’s a kit for you.



new for 2016


Airtite Fat Tyre Repair Kit contains all the necessary tools to repair a 3”+ tubed fat tyre. Kit includes two medium and one large round patch, as well as two oval patches, sand paper, two 5g rubber solution tubes, and a pair of tyre levers.



"Great value, super-quality repair kit."

Weldtite Puncture Repair Kits