review TF2 Lubricant Smart Spray with Teflon

Verdict: Simple and effective lubricant that'll take care of the majority of jobs on the bike.


TF2 Lubricant Smart Spray with Teflon is a great solution to keeping your bike and components running smoothly and squeak-free, taking pretty much everything in its stride.

Pros: Stands up well to bad weather; smart spray head works better than the straw.

It's an ideal spray can to keep in your shed or toolkit for general maintenance on your bike, whether post-wash or keeping things running smoothly through the various seasons.

The test period has seen me riding various bikes through the snow and subsequent salt-covered roads, through to dry and dusty gravel rides in warm and sunny conditions.

Storing a test bike in the shed after one of the snowy rides without cleaning it left it with a fair amount of rusty, stiff links in the chain – not surprising, as all that had been on the chain before the ride was the original coating from the manufacturer. After a bit of a soaking with TF2, once in the evening and once the following morning, it soon had everything moving freely and looking clean and shiny.

TF2 isn't as thick as some non-spray chain oils, so the only thing I would say is that if you ride a lot in heavy rain with lots of road spray then you'll find that it washes off quite easily and you'll need to reapply it religiously.

For more run-of-the-mill conditions it lasts surprisingly well. I've been using it weekly on my winter bike where it has been keeping the gears, brakes and bottom bracket running smoothly and quietly.

Going off road in the wet and dry, TF2 has also worked well without seeming to attract too much in the way of grit and dust.

The lubricant is available in the standard aerosol or this new Smart Spray version, which has a foldaway nozzle that removes the need to keep poking the small straw into the top. It's much better for getting into nooks and crannies, and the large button is easy to use from all angles.

Value-wise, at £7.99 (400ml) it looks a better bet than the WD-40 Bike All Conditions Lube which costs £6.49 for 250ml. TF2 sounds like it performs better too.

It also works out cheaper than B'twin's Teflon Aerosol Lubricant, which is £3.99 for 150ml and has no straw to target the spray.

Overall, TF2 lubricant does a great general maintenance job for a decent price, and only high-mileage, all-weather riders might need something more specialist for their chain.

Review Score: 4/5