5 Resolutions Every Cyclist Should Stick to in 2019

New year, new bike routine? The start of a new year is a great time to look back on your past achievements and set goals for the year ahead. If you’re ready to kick start your cycling year off here’s our 5 new year resolutions we think all cyclists should attempt to tackle in 2019.

Introduce Cycling to More People

It’s always fun to ride with new people and to see their reaction after their first ride out. Whether they’re a daily commuter, off-road novice or just can’t get back into the routine of riding, getting people into cycling is rewarding and you could even end up with a new riding partner in the process.

Encouraging your close friends and family to come along for rides will ensure you stay motivated and work towards your goals. A great way to further boost your motivation is to have an incentive to train for. Enter a cycle race, event or sportive with someone and make it your focus for 2019 to smash it.


Get to Know Maintenance

It’s important to take care of your bike, so it looks after you when you’re riding. If you rely on your group or riding partner to help you out when it comes to punctures and general maintenance then it’s about time to learn the essentials for yourself.

Bike maintenance courses, online videos and blogs are a good place to find information and learn how your bike works and how you should be looking after it. Starting with the basics such as chain cleaning, gear adjustment and lubing, will give you the chance to master smaller difficulties before learning the more advanced techniques.

Check out our blog for the most common bike repair problems and how you can fix them yourself here.


Make the Most Out of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have transformed the cycle lifestyle and gone are the days when we had to rely on a small cycling computer to record our journeys. If your aim is tracking your fitness and food habits, calculating your speed or locating a close by coffee shop, you’ll find that there is a smart phone app for just about everything to do with cycling nowadays.

Finding the right apps can contribute to your success and goals as well as boosting motivation and even keeping track of how other friends are performing but remember to not become too obsessed - cycling is fun and technology should be a contribution to this.  

Do Something That Scares Yourself

We’re not suggesting riding on an edge of a cliff for this one but trying something new out of your comfort zone will add a little excitement to your regular bike routine. Mastering mountain biking, learning a trick you’ve always wanted to or attempting an uphill trail you’ve never felt good enough to tackle before are just some examples of challenges you can set yourself. Make it one of your new years resolutions to try something new at least once a month.


Ride Outside Every Week

In an ideal world, clocking up mileage on a daily basis would massively improve our fitness but with our lives busier than ever, finding time to ride every day can be tough.  Creating a training plan in advance for the days you can ride will ensure you make time and give you the motivation to stick to it. Start now and challenge yourself to at least ride outside once a week for the year ahead.

If you have any cycling goals or new resolutions that you’d like to achieve this year, let us know on our Facebook page or tweet us here!