6 Cycling Challenges to Try This Summer

With the summer cycling season 2018 in full swing, now is a great time to look back at your cycling accomplishments from the year so far and reflect on what else is left to cross off your cycling bucket list.

Setting personal challenges in the summer can keep you motivated and focused for the next few months ahead whether it may be riding a new route to work, aiming for a new race record or just improving your health. If you’re looking for a new challenge, here’s 6 things that we think every cyclist should try out this summer…

1. Conquer a climb

Climbs aren’t just a good test of fitness but they can also truly test your character. Although you may not live in a place that is filled with mountain ranges to rival the Alps that doesn’t mean there’s no killer climbs to try. We suggest taking time to plan and research a climb before you make the commitment to tackle it. Give yourself enough time to train for it and add plenty of uphill climbs to your normal cycling plan to give yourself a proper leg testing challenge before the big day.

2. Learn about bike maintenance

Know lots about cycling but not much about the upkeep of a bike? Most of us would rather ride our bikes than learn about the maintenance of them but heading to the bike shop every time we have a flat or a broken chain is even less appealing and as we all know, very costly.

Teaching yourself a few handy tricks about your bike will give you more trust and confidence when riding as well as saving you time and costs!  So why not start learning some basic bike maintenance skills this summer? There’s plenty of guides, how-to videos and articles on the web to get you started! 😊

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3. Take more photographs

One of the best things about cycling is the opportunity it gives to take impressive photos. The ‘Instagram’ mountain bike scene might not be for everyone but taking a few pics on your ride is something you definitely won’t regret in 12 months’ time. Even if it’s of the mud, the amazing scenery or just you and your mates at the bar an hour after your ride. When it comes to the end of the year you’ll have a nostalgia packed gallery of a summer you’ll remember.

4. Travel more

Who’s guilty of heading down the same cycle route on every ride? Summer is the best time to find new roads and new experiences. If you have a specific place you’ve always wanted to visit, travel there and take your bike with you!

Whether you end up at the top of a mountain or just a little further past your usual cycling route it could end up being a ride that changes your cycling experience for the better.


5. Get more people you know into cycling

Although you may not know it you have probably already encouraged others to get out on their bike and start cycling if you’re an enthusiastic rider.

If you’re used to riding solo, forming a group with colleagues or even starting or joining a local cycling club will teach you how to handle your bike, corner safely in a group as well as building your motivation and race stimulation.


6. Win A Race  

It seems more of us than ever are embracing tougher challenges when it comes to cycling. If you’re a sportive rider looking to take on a more intense challenge over the summer month’s taking part in a race will definitely get your adrenaline levels up. The feeling when crossing over a finish line is an achievement in itself but why stop there? If you’ve competed in a cycling race before, set the goal to beat your personal score or even better, win the race.

If you’ve never competed in a race before why not set yourself the challenge and sign up to one. Our blog How to prepare for your first cycling race has lots of handy tips that can help you get started!

Have you set yourself any cycling challenges to try this summer? Let us know in the comments below!