How to Improve your Cycling for the Spring

Maintaining a good level of fitness and cycling during the winter months is not always easy but with summer well on it’s way there’s no better time to kick start your cycling routine off in the upcoming weeks.

We must admit we are all guilty of indulging in the winter hibernation of stodgy comfort food, inconsistent biking and lazy training, so we’ve decided to put together some of our top tips to get you motivated, prepared and starting to think about pre-spring preparation so you’re more than ready for it when it comes! 

Diet & Health  

We all like to enjoy sugary carbs during the winter months to make us feel better but now is the time to start cutting down on the processed foods. Just dropping your daily intake of processed foods by 50% will benefit both your health and your waist line as well as make you feel 100 x better too.

Annoyingly, the end of winter is also a popular time for people to catch coughs, colds and flu just as the winter weather goes. Eating lots of fruit, veg and drinking plenty of water will fuel your body with all the essential nutrients to fight off any infections, leaving you with more time to get on your bike for more riding!


Get Outside

Winter sees many of us heading in doors for our winter training. Taking up spinning and wattbike classes are a popular choice for many people which is great for our fitness but what about our bike handling skills?

After spending so much time on a bike indoors your next ride on your bike may feel a little strange and come as a shock. It’s not unusual to feel stiff on your first ride of spring but getting outside will soon bring your skills back. We suggest finding a quiet place and starting with a few gentle rides to concentrating on your skills like cornering, descending or track-standing to build your technique back to usual.


Inspect and Invest

Preparing your bike is just as important as preparing yourself for a new bike season. Winter riding is always hard on a bike from the mud, road grit and bad weather, it can mean that there is a lot of wear and tear.  Giving your bike a good service, checking the tyres, inspecting cables and replacing your rusty chain will make your bike feel just like new.

We recommend stocking up on some fresh cleaning products and maintenance gear to give your bike a little spring time TLC. Investing in quality cleaning products, a brush set, a chain cleaning machine and the essential bike tools. All of these products can be found at your local Weldtite stockist.


Get the Family involved

If you’re struggling to think of activities that the whole family can enjoy, why not take up cycling? Cycling is fun for everyone and a great way to keep fit and spend quality time together. It is also a brilliant way to make sure your kids are getting their daily recommended 60 minutes of exercise by introducing them to an active lifestyle whilst they’re still young.

Cycling is for all the generations and can be enjoyed of people all ages so why not get the parents/grandparents involved too!


Sign up for a summer event

Signing up for a cycling race or event in summer is the perfect motivational tool to help your cycling regime.  Participating in an organised ride has great benefits such as meeting new people, building up your fitness and also visiting new destinations that you may not want to try out on your own.  

Whether the event is just for fun, to race, to raise money or for a good cause, biking events will make you work harder to reach your goals with the rewarding feeling afterwards.