The Ban of Microbeads: How we're supporting the ban

You may not realise but microbeads are in so many products and items that we use every day. The small plastic particles have become a key component in our toothpastes, facial scrubs and exfoliating cleaners just to name a few. As we rinse away these products down our sinks they are often slipping through water plants and ending up in our oceans instead.

With the beads washing away into our seas, they are causing a great risk to marine life and sea animals by transporting toxic chemicals into the water. As the plastic beads are unable to degrade over time, the government has now decided to act and put a ban in place to help prevent this plastic pollution that is damaging the environment.  


What is the ban?

On the 9th January 2018 the government announced that it was banning the future manufacture of all cosmetic and personal care products that contained microbeads as a step forward to tackle the issue. It has been estimated that 680 tonnes of microbeads are used in the cosmetic industry every year and even more in other industries putting the UK at the front of global efforts to crack down on plastic contamination.


How Weldtite is supporting the ban

As a step forward, we are pleased to have banned all microbeads in our products to support the ban on microbeads. Although the ban has only recently come into force, we made sure that we reformulated our hand cleaners far in advance to cover all Weldtite distributors and stockists - so you don’t have to worry when purchasing or retailing any of our products!


A look into the future

Although the ban is only being rolled out to the manufacturing process of products, we decided to act fast and take out all the microbeads in our products before the further ban of the sale of products containing microbeads takes effect in July.  We hope that our small contribution will encourage others to help the environment and support against plastic pollution.


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