5 Ways to Make the Most out of your Cycling Training

Whether you’re training to ride faster, get fitter, or go further, having a dedicated training plan is key if you want to progress and reach your own goals. The benefits of training are endless - not only does it boost endurance and improve health, but it can also dramatically change your performance in the long term.

Whether you’re planning to ride for the first time or if you just want to take your cycling to the next level, check out our top 5 ways of how you can make the most out of your training below.

Dress to Ride

Being dressed to ride is number one on our list. Wearing the appropriate clothing and footwear when training has been proven to massively improve a cyclist’s experience. This doesn’t mean you need to fully restock up your wardrobe with top of the range clothing however having the main essentials will bring you extra comfort when tackling the pedals. Our top pick essentials when training include a decent helmet, bib shorts, waterproof jacket, padded gloves and dedicated cycling shoes. Trust us it makes all the difference! 

Train in a group

Although you may feel confident training solo, joining up with friends or other cyclists can be a lot more fun than being on your own. Holding competitions, challenges and races amongst your group is a great way to test and push your efforts. Training in a group will increase your motivation to train harder under pressure as well as giving you the chance to test and practise out team tactics for future races.


Fuel Yourself

Giving yourself the right nutrients whilst training will energise and prepare your body to perform at its best. Changing your diet routine will not only make you feel better but it will also give you a boost of energy as well as allowing you to recover faster. Smoothies are a great way to intake performance enhancing nutrients and goodness. Check out these delicious recipes for pre and post ride fuelling from @bikeradar here


Keep spares and tools

Be prepared to give your bike some TLC from time to time. If you’re planning to keep up with your regular training, keeping some basic bike essentials handy will make sure you’re prepared for that unexpected flat. We suggest investing in some essential bike maintenance kit such as a chain cleaning machine and a bottle of quality chain lubricant to prep your bike before a ride, and a puncture repair kit, tyre levers, a spare tube, a decent multi-tool and a CO2 inflator to be carried with you as the bare minimum – you’ll thank us later!  


Mix it up

If you’re training for a race it can be easy to get into the same routine, practising the same techniques, riding the same distances and travelling the same journeys. Try mixing up your training routine with new people, routes and exercises every week. Try writing down your training plan for the week ahead - jot it down in your diary and you’re more likely to stick to it!

Do you have any top tips for cycle training? Let us know in the comments below!