Mountain Mayhem!

The team at Weldtite are gearing up for this weekend's Mountain Mayhem. It's time to give your bike a good fettle and load those carbs! We've put a crack team together to tackle the 24 hour challenge with a mix of downhillers and endurance mountain bikers which will make for a good mix of skills and speed out on course. We caught up with seasoned 24 hour racer and Weldtite sponsored rider Matt Jones fresh after his 6 hour win at Bristol Bikefest ahead of Mayhem who will be joining our line up for the weekend.

So tell us how you got in to 24 hour racing?

I guess like loads of people in any sport I always try and push myself and doing gradually longer races over a couple of years led to the stupid idea of trying a 24 hour race. I then discovered I was ok at suffering and my stubbornness could come in useful!  

What's the best thing about racing for a whole day?

Definitely the people who you race with. The camaraderie is awesome and although there is competitiveness, amongst the solo guys and girls everyone genuinely just wants to see each other do well. I like the night time as well, strapping on the head lights and blasting round the woods is always good fun. Oh and the amazing blue that comes across the sky as the sun comes up!

What's the worst thing?!

The moment after the amazing blue sky bit when you realise you still have 6 hours to ride!

Favourite race?

Dyfi Enduro for the awesome technical descents and amazing festival atmosphere.

Favourite Weldtite product?

I use the Disc Brake cleaner all the time as it's brilliant for loads of jobs but my favourite has got to be the bench mount workstand. I really like how it's compact and I can take the head off quickly to save space in my over filled shed!

Top tips for 24 hour racers

- Get your nutrition right no matter what level of competitiveness. An upset stomach is not pleasant! I wrote a few things here that might help beginners

- Make sure your bike is in good order, get using those cyclo tools and especially the Torq wrench to check bolts

- Keep turning the pedals, don't stop, keep smiling and you will surprise yourself on how far you can push yourself

Weldtite will be on hand at Mayhem demonstrating and selling products from both ranges including our new Dirtwash Chain Wipes, and our new TF2 Ceramic Lubricant! Not only can competitors clean and lube their bikes with our products for FREE all weekend, we'll be selling both ranges at around half price all weekend! Come over to meet the team and say hello!